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Get Involved


We have several different annual events throughout the year including a New Year’s ride and the Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride (GSMTR). Many of our rides are in the Tennessee area, but we have been known to take longer expeditions to Utah and even Alaska! While many of us have been riding together for a long time, we also have new folks coming into the mix on a regular basis. We are always looking to include responsible 4×4’ers to our rides and other events.

Information about our events and is sometimes posted here, but more up to date information and active discussions can be found on our IH8mud.com Clubhouse Forum as well as on our Facebook Page. You will find a number of different conversation threads happening in both of those places about who’s doing what to their rig, questions and answers if you are looking for advice, and more. You are welcome to browse the forum posts on IH8mud and the Facebook posts, but also please consider creating a free account to get involved in the conversation. Come talk to us – we’d love to learn more about you, your rig, and your interests and goals in the world of 4×4 and expeditions.